What to expect from your home inspection

Your home inspection is a 3-5 hour appointment with an Internachi certified inspector.  Can or should you be there for it?  Yes, and definitely.  The final report is a great resource, but being there to ask questions and address concerns is invaluable to the inspector and to you.  There are times during the inspection when the inspector needs to focus, but overall, talking to the client is essential to the report.  Applewood Home Inspection, LLC performs inspections under Internachi's Standards of Practice.  Please take the time to visit that link.  The Standards of Practice defines what is to be inspected and what is not inspected.  Inspections are visual and include the important systems of the home.  Inspections do not include all issues or hidden defects.  Home inspections are not code driven or technically exhaustive.  Think of it as a snapshot of the general condition of the home and systems at the time of the inspection.  

Why do you need a home inspection?   No one does it just for fun.  The purchase of a home is usually the biggest investment people make.  The home inspection is an inexpensive way to understand the general condition of a home and it's systems.  And, although it is not required by  most lenders, it must be important.  The contract between the seller and buyer can be made contingent on the home inspection and the final report details. The report and the observations made in it can give the buyer important information  before the closing and the investment is finalized.

Inspections do not always address all the issues that a home may have.  Why not?  There are some defects that are hidden from sight.  Whether the defect is behind drywall, underground, or obstructed by a large quantity of personal belongings;  there are some instances where no one would observe a defect.  Finding a hidden defect after the purchase of the home is always frustrating.  All homes have issues, even new construction.  Choosing an Internachi Certified Inspector and Applewood Home Inspection, LLC is the surest way to to get the most information in a home inspection report.

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